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Ken was good today and while he assumed the Mr. Hyde personality for a little while, he wasn’t particularly threatening.  This afternoon was filled with phone calls and company, which is always nice.  Having been a social person all his life, Ken is happy to have company even if he doesn’t know who they might be.  He also knows how to “fake” it.  A visitor might ask,  “Hi, Grandpa.  Remember me?”  Ken will smile and answer.   “Can’t remember the name, but I recognize the face.”   He doesn’t, but the encounter gets his brain working, and makes a small guest happy.

Our grandson, Brain, came over for a short visit, then a few phone calls, followed by our daughter-in-law Sabina and granddaughter Jessica coming to walk the three dogs.  Jess is still on winter vacation and Keith is back at work, but the dog walk is the same.

 This evening another granddaughter, Kristina, dropped by to take a shower.  She had just returned from a long Christmas road trip to Utah and back.  With all three visits I noticed that Ken was very stimulated by  listening to our conversations even though he didn’t participate much.   Company seems to keep him as Ken (or brings him back to being Ken). 

During the day my husband can change to any one of the-before-mentioned personalities:  Mr. Hyde,  Buddy, who even though he is still a youngster claims to own this house where he believes he was born, having received it as a gift from his father and mother who live here, but are away.  Buddy tells me he is not married, has no children and no family other than his sister, Loretta.   Mr. Hyde often looks at me and asks, “Where is my wife?” or “Where’s the boss?”  He still sees me as someone very young, going to school and needs to call her parents to come and get her when it is time to go home. 

Buddy wants me gone from the house and is very protective of it.   Both of these newcomers into my life can be mean, threatening and combative if provoked, and it doesn’t take much to set them off.   I dislike the two intensly, but I believe they cling to Ken’s basic upbringing about respecting women, other than females they consider intruders in the home (of which I am one).  If I do feel threatened I just lock myself in the office until Ken reappears.

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