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“It sucks.”  That was the concluding comment on Facebook from my younger friend, Frank, after hearing one of his good friends had terminal cancer.  Both of them, still in their middle years, most likely had not experienced many incurable health issues among their age group.  Now, when one of them was stricken, it was a shock – and it sucked.  I couldn’t agree more.  Feeling compassion for all concerned, I replied, “Whatever it is that steals your health and time sucks.”

Steals:  That was the operative word.  Thinking about the countless thieves intertwining through our lives I couldn’t help but reflect on the time stolen from me and Ken by Alzheimer’s, not even to mention the time lost between my own mother and father, Ken’s parents, and his sister, Loretta, and her devoted husband, Mike.  Five of them victims of Alzheimer’s, and all of those good years, those productive years are gone – destroyed by this mind-boggling disease.  Alzheimer’s is a thief and quoting Frank, “it sucks.”

My focus is Alzheimer’s, but I certainly don’t mean to overlook the countless other diseases with their variations from which the world suffers, such as the aforementioned cancer.  To the list we can add heart disease, crippling arthritis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, lung diseases and a countless list which, undoubtedly, can fill pages.  No matter what the malady, all of them have a connecting factor: they steal one’s time, health and often life; thieves and they suck.

Let’s face it, though, thieves are not limited to illness; thieves — people, things or circumstances — are in and out of our lives constantly.  Remember the poem, “He who steals my purse steals trash, but he who robs me of my good name……….etc.”  Gossips are thieves, and he who took the purse is a thief.  So is the cat burglar who breaks into your house and steals your jewelry, TV and computer, and it’s a thief who stole your car.  (And at times that computer steals your time.)  Don’t forget the slacker at work who steals company time.  They who owe money and don’t pay it back are thieves.  Vandals are thieves, so are graffiti artists and litter bugs.  Their selfish acts cost someone else money, and taking or causing others to pay without consent is stealing.  How about the driver who steals your right-of-way or your parking space?  True, a small theft, but a theft nonetheless.  On a personal level the drunk driver whose thoughtless actions totaled my car is a thief removing from me and Ken our vehicle, our precious time, health, strength, stamina, causing endless costs and no telling what else is to come; they are all thieves and once again they suck.    

But that’s life, and being philosophical our sojourn here on earth does not come with a no-problem guarantee.  Life is sometimes the pits; it’s also wonderful and dangerous, carefree and burdensome, happy and miserable, sick and healthy, good and bad, lovable and hateful, joyful and sad.  Life is opposition in all things and even without a roadmap we choose to continue.  So yes Frank, even as we stand up and face the thieves in our life mustering every ounce of strength, energy and courage within us, there are times when it just sucks.

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